Marco Polo’s Signature Six

Over the years, Marco Polo has never failed to excite me with their menu — from an excellent buffet selection at Cafe Marco, to a great set of cocktails at the Blu Bar, and of course, their to-die-for Malicious Cookies. Now they have officially marked their Signature Six; the 6 must-tries when you visit the hotel.

Out of them all, what won my heart are the Earl Grape Iced Tea and the Adobo. I’d already tried the Earl Grape Tea before so that wasn’t a shock to me on how good it was, but the Adobo was a first. Not only did I help myself but I still can’t stop thinking about it.

Adobo is a way of cooking food and Marco Polo does it right, with just the perfect blend of flavors from the soy sauce and vinegar, two Filipino marinade staples, and whatever magic they put into that glorious dish. 

Marco Polo Plaza Cebu_Signature Adobo.jpg

Earl Grape Iced Tea is definitely for those who prefer their teas freshly brewed. It’s made with earl grey tea, green grapes, and elderflower syrup.

Marco Polo Signature Iced Tea_Earl Grape

Mango Cheesecake? Sure, why not. Mango Cheesecake with MALICIOUS COOKIES as the crust? Shut up and take my money!

Marco Polo Plaza Cebu Mango Cheesecake

Malicious Cookies are the perfect, heavenly chocolate chip cookies that have ever lived… until it gets inside my belly.

Marco Polo Plaza Cebu Malicious Cookies

Silk Road Iced Coffee is made differently from other iced coffees. It’s made with overnight-infused coffee, cinnamon syrup, milk, and topped with marshmallow meringue. I’m personally not a big fan of sweet iced coffees but I enjoyed this a lot because of the marshmallow meringue!

Marco Polo Signature Iced Coffee_Silk Road

Ensaimada is a pastry dish we adopted from the Mallorcans, typically topped with butter cream and sugar, but is topped with cheese during the holidays. Marco Polo offers really cheesy ensaimadas you can take home to your friends and family for pasalubong.

Marco Polo Plaza Cebu_Ensaimada

For more information, call 032-253-1111 or log on to

Marco Polo Plaza Cebu is located at Cebu Veterans Drive, Nivel Hills, Apas, Cebu City Philippines.

Photos c/o Marco Polo Plaza Cebu