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But seriously…

About The Blog

Mayan Around Town is a blog dedicated primarily to featuring food and travel, while also featuring several lifestyle aspects such as entertainment, health, human interests, and pop culture. It aims to inform and share tips on what there is to do in a place, specifically wherever Mayan goes to. It was built on the passion to boost encouragement for viewers to explore more, go outside of their comfort zone, and try different things.

About Mayan

I’m a certified la-agan, which in English means someone who goes out a lot. Beginning with a passion to share my own city’s treasures and constantly being the go-to for recommendations for both friends and strangers, I have since explored different food places, hole-in-the-walls, and hidden gems of my island and the rest of my country. The goal is to reach more places to share more to my viewers and thus push to build the encouragement to live their dreams and explore the world.

I’m currently on an open-ended, unknown trip around the world, starting with Asia. I’ll be writing mostly about food trails and feature some places less traveled, hopefully the kind where tourists don’t go to! If that’s how you roll, we’ll definitely get along.

You can follow my trips on Instagram and Facebook! Let’s meet up if we’re in the same place! Open to meeting strangers and turning them into friends.


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